Professional escorts in the UK

Prostitution is known worldwide as being arguably the oldest profession in history. As far back as humans can remember, there were stories of women who practiced the trade and were sometimes referred to as harlots. When the discussion of prostitution comes about, it is usually in the context of territories such as the USA. For the purpose of this article, however, we will be looking at the topic of prostitution in the UK.

The big consideration of prostitution is always the law. In the United Kingdom, exchanging sexual services for monetary reward is considered a legal process. However, there are related concepts and activities that are considered illegal. One such concept in the UK is that of force. There is a strict policy against this form of exploitation which you may review on the official website of the United Kingdom’s Crown Prostitution Service. The idea here is that any prostitute that is not engaging in the profession of his/her own volition is doing so under forceful influence. To take it a step further, if a client uses the services of a prostitute that is being forced, the client is liable to face legal repercussions. The intention is to reduce and eradicate things such as pimping and human trafficking which force prostitutes to work against their will. Consent is a huge factor in the practice in the UK and so these policies are drafted to encourage it. On the matter of consent, the age of consent to engage in sexual activities is 16 in the territory, however, labor laws dictate that if sex is being engaged in commercially, one must be at least 18 years old to legally practice prostitution.

Also, the practice of soliciting in a public place is also against the law. This discourages practices such as kerb crawling or street walking. Additionally, brothels are not accepted in the territory and the owning or running of one is an illegal act. Due to this, many brothels in the UK operate under the guise of massage parlors that provide “additional services”. Unfortunately, it is widely known that the law enforcement is not as effective as they should be as they are known to not only sometimes ignore the establishment and running of brothels, but they sometimes also use the services for their own benefit.

Like other countries where the profession exists there are lobby groups that exist for the protection of the rights of sex workers such as prostitutes. One such group is the English Collective Prostitutes which has been operating since 1975. They provide support, assistance and information to individual prostitutes. Apart from protecting the rights and advocating the safety of prostitutes, one of the biggest objectives of the lobby group is the decriminalization of prostitution. They believe that this is the only way proper regulation and protection can take place for those involved in the profession.

Unfortunately, the stigma and victimization of prostitutes is an issue in the UK as well as it is reported that as many as almost 50% of prostitutes have been the victim of crimes such as rape, robbery and murder.

Note that the information above applies to both male and female prostitutes.

How to Find Escorts

If you are interested in using escort services, the process of finding and selecting an escort can seem a bit overwhelming. Not only are there a plethora of options that exist, but there is also the fact that there is no indication of what to expect, which can be a bit scary. There are worrying concerns that range from the possibility of scams, to the possibility that the escort is simply not good enough. To make the search process a little less intimidating, let us look at how to find escorts whether independent or via an agency.

Independent Escorts

The cheaper alternative is to go the route of finding an independent escort. The opening step of this process can make or break the experience. Escorts usually make their services known by advertising. Selecting the one you decide to call should be a well thought out process. First, it is recommended that you choose to use reputable escort sites. Based on your area, there are usually local sites that you can use, however, the recommendation is to use bigger sites that have good reviews. Examples of a couple of these sites are and

Apart from the site being reputable, there are signs you can look out for to ensure that the escort is also a reputable one. If an escort has good reviews in general, chances are you will have a similar experience. A red flag is multiple listings. Remember an escort is a single person which means he/she can only be in a single place at a time. Additionally, though escorts offer outcall services, they typically operate within a single area. Therefore, if you realize an escort has multiple listings in various areas, chances are it is a scam.

Think of your aesthetic and personality requirements while browsing as well. You know what you like, and you need to ensure that you will enjoy not only looking at the selected escort, but also interacting with the escort. A good advertisement will consist of a picture of the escort and a brief description of the escort’s offerings and qualities. Of course, you will gauge the escort over the initial phone call. This should be your intention with the call (even more so than setting up the appointment).

Escort Agencies

Going the route of an agency is a bit pricier as the cost includes paying the escort and turning over a profit for the agency. However, it is generally a safer and easier process to use agencies as once they are established, you can pretty much guarantee getting an escort as opposed to getting scammed.

A part of the service offered by agencies is to help you select the right escort based on your requirements. It is recommended that you discuss your preferences with the agency so it can decide on a prime candidate.

Even though it is quite likely that the escort selected by an agency will be perfect, by using an agency you forego the opportunity of getting to interact directly with the escort prior to selection and so you must hope that interactions go well.

All in all, the actual process of finding escort advertisements is an easy one but being perceptive to ensure you get the right escort is where the difficulty exists. Hopefully, the information presented here assists in your pursuit.

How is Escorting Legal?

Engaging in a profession that is not acceptable by law is a dangerous decision. When the profession of escorting comes up in discussion, there are usually questions raised about the extent to which it is considered legal. When the job description of an escort is considered, there is only one aspect of the job that could potentially raise these questions – the sexual aspect.

It’s no secret that many escorts provide sexual services to their clients upon request at times. This causes parallels to be drawn to prostitution. Once that erroneous line of thought is applied, then confusion will always be the result. To bring clarity to the topic, here is a high level look at how escorting is legal.

What about sexual services for hire is illegal?

While escorting is not centered around sexual services (which we will get to in a moment), since the provision of same is what has necessitated this debate, it is pertinent to review what about sex for reward is illegal. The first consideration here is geographical location. Even in its most blatant form, sexual services are not universally branded as illegal.

In some countries such as Austria and New Zealand, sexual service for hire is considered legal in all forms. This means that even in the context of prostitution, not only is it considered legal, but it is also a regulated industry. In countries such as these, there is no question about any aspect of escorting being legal.

In countries such as the United states, however, only licensed brothels in Nevada can offer services such as prostitution. Outside of these brothels in Nevada, however, soliciting sex for monetary reward is what is considered illegal. As an example, if someone were to walk the streets and ask people to have sex with them at a cost, this would be considered illegal. The intent is the key factor in this case. “Selling sex” is considered illegal but selling something else that may lead to sex is not.

What do escorts sell?

Continuing from the point that was just made, escorting is typically legal because of the intent that follows the profession. Escorts sell their time as companions as opposed to sex. Therefore, many celebrities attend events with “dates” that are quite obviously escorts. In this case there is no question of lawfulness as no sex is involved. When you consider this, the point is then proven that the profession of escorting itself is not illegal and the questions only begin to arise when sex becomes involved.

When sex does become involved, what is the real difference? The truth is there is none. The person purchasing the service may be intending to have sex and may very well do so. In the mind of the escort, however, what is being provided is time. From the perspective of the escort, the mindset is “I am selling this number of hours of my time”. In this case, even if sex should occur, it was never the core service being sold.

When these considerations are made, you can begin to understand how exactly escorting is legal.