How is Escorting Legal?

Engaging in a profession that is not acceptable by law is a dangerous decision. When the profession of escorting comes up in discussion, there are usually questions raised about the extent to which it is considered legal. When the job description of an escort is considered, there is only one aspect of the job that could potentially raise these questions – the sexual aspect.

It’s no secret that many escorts provide sexual services to their clients upon request at times. This causes parallels to be drawn to prostitution. Once that erroneous line of thought is applied, then confusion will always be the result. To bring clarity to the topic, here is a high level look at how escorting is legal.

What about sexual services for hire is illegal?

While escorting is not centered around sexual services (which we will get to in a moment), since the provision of same is what has necessitated this debate, it is pertinent to review what about sex for reward is illegal. The first consideration here is geographical location. Even in its most blatant form, sexual services are not universally branded as illegal.

In some countries such as Austria and New Zealand, sexual service for hire is considered legal in all forms. This means that even in the context of prostitution, not only is it considered legal, but it is also a regulated industry. In countries such as these, there is no question about any aspect of escorting being legal.

In countries such as the United states, however, only licensed brothels in Nevada can offer services such as prostitution. Outside of these brothels in Nevada, however, soliciting sex for monetary reward is what is considered illegal. As an example, if someone were to walk the streets and ask people to have sex with them at a cost, this would be considered illegal. The intent is the key factor in this case. “Selling sex” is considered illegal but selling something else that may lead to sex is not.

What do escorts sell?

Continuing from the point that was just made, escorting is typically legal because of the intent that follows the profession. Escorts sell their time as companions as opposed to sex. Therefore, many celebrities attend events with “dates” that are quite obviously escorts. In this case there is no question of lawfulness as no sex is involved. When you consider this, the point is then proven that the profession of escorting itself is not illegal and the questions only begin to arise when sex becomes involved.

When sex does become involved, what is the real difference? The truth is there is none. The person purchasing the service may be intending to have sex and may very well do so. In the mind of the escort, however, what is being provided is time. From the perspective of the escort, the mindset is “I am selling this number of hours of my time”. In this case, even if sex should occur, it was never the core service being sold.

When these considerations are made, you can begin to understand how exactly escorting is legal.