How to Find Escorts

If you are interested in using escort services, the process of finding and selecting an escort can seem a bit overwhelming. Not only are there a plethora of options that exist, but there is also the fact that there is no indication of what to expect, which can be a bit scary. There are worrying concerns that range from the possibility of scams, to the possibility that the escort is simply not good enough. To make the search process a little less intimidating, let us look at how to find escorts whether independent or via an agency.

Independent Escorts

The cheaper alternative is to go the route of finding an independent escort. The opening step of this process can make or break the experience. Escorts usually make their services known by advertising. Selecting the one you decide to call should be a well thought out process. First, it is recommended that you choose to use reputable escort sites. Based on your area, there are usually local sites that you can use, however, the recommendation is to use bigger sites that have good reviews. Examples of a couple of these sites are and

Apart from the site being reputable, there are signs you can look out for to ensure that the escort is also a reputable one. If an escort has good reviews in general, chances are you will have a similar experience. A red flag is multiple listings. Remember an escort is a single person which means he/she can only be in a single place at a time. Additionally, though escorts offer outcall services, they typically operate within a single area. Therefore, if you realize an escort has multiple listings in various areas, chances are it is a scam.

Think of your aesthetic and personality requirements while browsing as well. You know what you like, and you need to ensure that you will enjoy not only looking at the selected escort, but also interacting with the escort. A good advertisement will consist of a picture of the escort and a brief description of the escort’s offerings and qualities. Of course, you will gauge the escort over the initial phone call. This should be your intention with the call (even more so than setting up the appointment).

Escort Agencies

Going the route of an agency is a bit pricier as the cost includes paying the escort and turning over a profit for the agency. However, it is generally a safer and easier process to use agencies as once they are established, you can pretty much guarantee getting an escort as opposed to getting scammed.

A part of the service offered by agencies is to help you select the right escort based on your requirements. It is recommended that you discuss your preferences with the agency so it can decide on a prime candidate.

Even though it is quite likely that the escort selected by an agency will be perfect, by using an agency you forego the opportunity of getting to interact directly with the escort prior to selection and so you must hope that interactions go well.

All in all, the actual process of finding escort advertisements is an easy one but being perceptive to ensure you get the right escort is where the difficulty exists. Hopefully, the information presented here assists in your pursuit.